We provide services in immigration to Canada under the programs for Skilled Workers,
Entrepreneurs and Investors. We also help enroll into study in Canada, and provide
assistance to foreign students in obtaining a permanent resident status after graduation.


Immigration to Canada

Assistance in immigration to Canada for skilled workers and businessmen

We offer our help in immigration to Canada providing consulting services and assistance along the entire immigration process. We specialize in immigration programs for skilled workers, entrepreneurs and investors, including the Start Up Visa program and the provincial business-programs.

Study in Canada

Assistance in enrollment into Canadian colleges, universities and private schools

We help select study programs and enroll into Canadian educational institutions, including for the purpose of obtaining a permanent resident status after graduation. We also help find good private schools and get enrolled, as well as help the accompanying parents legally stay in Canada with their children.


We consult on Immigration to Canada and study in Canadian colleges, universities and private schools. We also provide support on every step of the entire process. We apply a comprehensive approach to assisting our clients, taking into account their goals and capabilities.


We analyze client's background and information, assess capabilities, help choose the most optimal solutions, and develop a step-by-step strategy.


We help collect the required documents, provide detailed instructions and explanations about procedures and requirements, consult on every step.


We submit applications and documents for immigration or for study on behalf of clients. We represent clients in communications with authorities.


We provide services in immigration to Canada under immigration programs for skilled workers to clients who have the required education and work experience.


Federal Skilled Worker Program

In order to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program you need to have a work experience in certain skill level, a post-secondary education, and score 67 points or higher.


Canadian Experience Class

The main requirements for applying under the Canadian Experience Class Program include having at least one full year work experience in Canada in certain skill level, and a post-secondary education.


Provincial Programs

Almost every province offers its own programs for skilled workers. They mostly accept applicants who have a job offer from a local Canadian company, or have being legally working in the province.


There are several business programs available for entrepreneurs and investors, on both Federal and Provincial level.


Provincial business-programs

Currently provinces offer the most attractive and reasonable programs for entrepreneurs and investors, which require to establish and run a business in the province.


Start Up Visa

This program is designed for entrepreneurs with innovative projects, which can draw attention and get support from Canadian investors. We specialize in working with this program and provide a full range of services.

Immigration to USA

Immigration to the USA

In addition to working with Canadian business-programs, we help businessmen with immigration to the USA. Our strategy involves establishing a business in the USA.


We help find an educational institution and select a study program that is most suitable for a client. We assist with enrollment and help obtain study permits and temporary visas for legal stay in Canada.

Colleges & Universities

Colleges and Universities

We help select colleges, universities and study programs, that pave the way to further immigration. We communicate with an educational institution on behalf of a client and help with enrollment.

Private Schools

Private Schools

We suggest the reputable private schools and help with enrollment. We also help the accompanying parent obtain a temporary visa for legal stay in Canada for the entire period of the child's study.

Visa and Study Permit

Visas and permits

We provide services in obtaining entry visas and study permits to foreign students who want to study in Canada. We also help family members get visas for legal stay in Canada as well as work permits.


Our company Daltus Consulting offers a comprehensive approach when serving our clients. We provide both consulting services and practical support throughout the entire process.

For the convenience of our clients we offer our services in different packages, so that the clients can choose the services they need. All preliminary communications and consultations are free.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you with immigration or study in Canada.