Visas and Permits

We help obtain entry visas to Canada (Temporary Resident Visas - TRV), Study Permits, Work Permits, and visa extensions for those who live in Canada as temporary residents.

We provide these services in addition to our main service packages for study in Canada.

We help our clients who want to study in Canadian colleges, universities and private schools, obtain entry visas and study permits. We also help family members who are eligible to live in Canada together with a foreign student, obtain entry visas and permits for legal stay in Canada.

Particularly we can help an accompanying parent of a child who comes here to study in a private school, obtain a temporary resident visa allowing a legal stay in Canada for the entire length of the child's study. If a foreign student is under 17 years old, it is allowed for one parent to accompany him/her to Canada. In this case a child is getting a study permit, and an accompanying parent is getting a temporary resident visa that can be extended from within Canada up to the end of the child's study.

The same applies to family members of a foreign student enrolled in a full-time study in a college or a university in Canada. The student obtains a study permit, and his family members are getting temporary resident visas, which can be extended up until the end of his/her study. Moreover, a student's spouse is eligible to obtain an Open Work Permit and work legally in Canada, and the children can be accepted to a public school (with no tuition fees).

In addition to that, we help prepare documents for obtaining Super Visas for parents. And we can also assist with preparation of documents for a Family Sponsorship, if needed.