Assistance in enrollment into Canadian private schools, colleges, and universities, including for the purpose of immigration

Study in Colleges and Universities

Canadian colleges and universities have a long-standing reputation, offering the highest quality of education at a relatively low cost. Canada also offers unique immigration programs to foreign students graduating from Canadian colleges and universities allowing them staying in Canada and obtaining permanent residency.

Canadian colleges and universities are considered one of the best in the world. Canadian education opens wide possibilities to the graduates for employment and building a successful career not only in Canada, but in other developed countries as well, such as the USA and UK.

Foreign students are accepted to Canadian colleges and universities based on completed secondary education, post-secondary education (if any), and the results of English/French tests.

Study in Private Schools

Studying in a private school helps a child better adapt to the Canadian educational system and requirements. It prepares them for further enrollment into prestigious colleges and universities, first of all in such English-speaking countries like the USA, UK and Canada.

There are many advantages of sending your children to private schools in Canada. One of them is a possibility for a parent to stay legally in Canada together with the child during the entire period of study.

Study in Canada and immigration

Study in Canada paves the way to further successful immigration to Canada.

Although, completion of a Canadian college or university does not automatically lead to the permanent resident status, the graduates can benefit from several immigration programs available to them.

One of the main requirements of such programs is having a Canadian work experience and/or a job offer from a Canadian company. The accepted length of the Canadian work experience can vary from several months to a one full year (as for the Canadian Experience Class program).

Normally, graduates from a Canadian college or university receive a Post-Graduation Work Permit allowing them to work legally in Canada for up to 3 years. Therefore, this gives them an advantage in meeting the Canadian work experience requirement for immigration to Canada.