Business-immigration to the USA

If you do not qualify for immigration to Canada under business-programs due to limited quotas and high competition among applicants, we can offer our help with business-immigration to the USA.

There are several paths leading to obtaining a residency status (green card) in the USA. One of them is organizing a business in the USA, and then obtaining a business-visa E2 or a work visa (if visa E2 is not an option).

We help register a company in the USA and select a prospective innovative business. We specialize in working with startups that need investments and a managing partner with business experience, so we can arrange for you to partner with such companies.

In addition to registration a company and selecting a business-model we help our clients obtain a business visa or a work visa to the USA, which would allow them legally stay and work in the USA in the organized business. After a certain period of time, if the immigration authorities are satisfied with the company's performance, the client can obtain a permanent residency in the USA (green card).

The minimum investment that should be made in the business in the USA is $300,000 USD.