Study in Private Schools in Canada

We provide assistance in enrollment into reputable private schools in Canada to children from the age of 3 years old. We also help an accompanying parent obtain a temporary resident visa for staying legally in Canada with the child for the entire period of study.

Studying in a private school helps a child better adapt to the Canadian educational system and requirements. It prepares them for further enrollment into prestigious colleges and universities, first of all in such English-speaking countries like the USA, UK and Canada.

There are many advantages of sending your children to private schools in Canada. One of them is a possibility for a parent to stay legally in Canada together with the child during the entire period of study.

We work with the best private schools in Canada that offer preparation programs to foreign students for enrollment into universities of the USA and Canada (AP - Advanced Placement program), and Europe (IB Schools - International Baccalaureate). We offer our clients a wide variety of schools depending on their budget and their child's interests. It could be just a plain academic school, or schools specialized in different activities such as Ballet, Hockey, Music, Arts. It could be schools with or without boarding; schools with regular tuition fees or the high-cost most prestigious schools. We help find schools that offer intensive preparation for enrollment to universities, and/or offer a variety of after-school programs.

We also take care of the parents accompanying the child, assisting them with English courses, professional studies, accommodation, as well as with applying for immigration if needed.