Study in Canadian colleges and universities

We provide assistance in enrollment into Canadian colleges and universities. This includes selecting educational institutions and study programs, as well as providing all other relevant services. We work with foreign students who have a completed secondary education.

Canadian colleges and universities have a long-standing reputation offering the highest quality of education at a relatively low cost. Canada also offers unique immigration programs to foreign students graduating from Canadian colleges and universities allowing them staying in Canada and obtaining a permanent residency.

Canadian colleges and universities are considered one of the best in the world. Canadian education opens wide possibilities to the graduates for employment and building a successful career not only in Canada, but in other developed countries as well, such as the USA and UK.

Foreign students are accepted to Canadian colleges and universities based on completed secondary education, post-secondary education (if any), and the results of English/French tests.

If you intend to study in Canada, you should start the preparations way in advance, at least in 6 months ahead of time. You can apply to several educational institutions and to different study programs simultaneously. And after you receive offers of admission from different places, you can accept one of them from your top choices.

If you level of English/French is not enough for been accepted to a college or a university, we can help enroll into an English preparation course in the selected educational institution.

In case if you want to study in Canada for the purpose of further immigration and obtaining a permanent resident status, it is very important to select the right program from the beginning. Because, depending on your program of study, you will have different chances of finding employment in Canada after graduation. Also the employment position that you will be able to apply for, should meet certain standards and immigration requirements.